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Capital Investors

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It’s Simple to Invest with Clear Sky Financial

You invest in CSF and receive our corporate guarantee as a note for repayment.

How It Works:  We identify opportunities to lend funds to real estate investors flipping homes and we originate first lien mortgages secured by the properties.  You invest a fixed sum with CSF and we pay you a monthly fixed return on that amount for commitments of 1 to 3 years, followed by the return of your original principal.  As we pay you an attractive return on your investment, CSF also retains a spread.

Benefits to You

  • Diversification
  • Collateralization:  Secured by Real Estate
  • Control: Simple, Direct, Secured Loans – Individually Evaluated

Ways to Invest

  • Self-Directed IRA
  • Cash Accounts
  • HELOC Utilization
  • Invest via LLC or Corporate Account

All loans are subject to our underwriting criteria, loan conditions, and project risk tolerances. As such, we reserve the right to approve or deny any loan application based on our sole discretion.

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