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"I just wanted to thank you for everything that you've done, and for all of your hard work. I honestly feel like I can not say it enough. I appreciate your help in keeping a roof over our heads. I wish there was a way to repay you both. Your generosity will never be forgotten"  - Thanks again from the Stevens Family.

"I also want to say THANK YOU for all support and guidance you have provided me over the past couple of years.  While Cherri was tough, you have kept me out of a lot of other deals that could have been worse.  At the same time, you have helped me evaluate and determine what a good deal looks like ... all without the guise of charging $10-20K for helping someone out.  I also appreciate the quality of service, responsiveness, and flexibility you have shown on your lending deals, especially on this one with Juan and I as our situation fluctuated!" - Thanks a lot!  All is appreciated! Bob

"Thank you very much! Yes, both sides are rented. They were both rented before I went to closing on June 13, 2017. I enjoyed working with both you and Sam. A big part of my success comes from your contribution as a lender. So thank you for assisting me with making it to the finish line!"  - V/R, Christina T

All loans are subject to our underwriting criteria, loan conditions, and project risk tolerances. As such, we reserve the right to approve or deny any loan application based on our sole discretion.

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