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MAY 22, 2020:

Webinar: Clear Sky Roadmap to Wealth

Webinar Slides

- The Status of the Real Estate market in the DMV
- The Roadmap to Wealth
- Real Estate Investing Pathways: Surviving to Thriving
- The Clear Sky Education program
- Open Q&A throughout the webinar

MAY 2020: Traction REIA Meeting 

APRIL 20, 2020: 

WEBINAR: Real Estate Investing During a Recession


Webinar Q&A

Understanding the Real Estate Market Cycle
Know that the real estate market is cyclical; it is ever changing and never static or stagnant. With this in mind, investors must understand the cycles in real estate for a better strategy and higher rewards. Explore: Cash flow: Capital growth: Equity

DECEMBER 26, 2019:

Think Realty Podcast #96: Sam Jacknin and Charlie Einsmann from Clear Sky Financial

Delinquencies on hard money loans? Irrational exuberance of fix and flip buyers? Sam Jacknin and Charlie Einsmann from Clear Sky Financial tackle these topics plus consolidation in the hard money space and finding properties on “The Hidden Market.” Plus, what are Top Cities Where Millennials are Migrating?

AUGUST 6, 2019:

Think Realty Podcast #47: Analyzing The Market with Charlie Einsmann and Sam Jacknin from Clear Sky Financial

Overall thoughts on the market, real estate trends and how to analyze what’s going on for you to maximize profits.


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