Roadmap to Wealth

Surviving to Thriving: A Roadmap to Wealth in Residential Real Estate TM

The Roadmap to Wealth is an ecosystem of components designed to work together to maximize your potential for generating wealth and successfully navigating from “Surviving to Thriving” in the real estate investing market. Learn how Education, Lead Generation, Wholesaling & Flipping, CSF Hard Money, and Residual Income will put you on the path to generational wealth.

Surviving to Thriving TM

The Roadmap to Wealth

What is the Roadmap to Wealth?

The Roadmap to Wealth is an ecosystem of components designed to work together to maximize your potential for generating wealth and successfully navigating from Surviving to Thriving in the real estate investing market.

01. Education

To succeed in real estate, you have to be knowledgeable about real estate investing. Education is the first component of the Roadmap to Wealth. It does not matter if you are a Survivor, Planner or Thriver, you must be educated to succeed. The Clear Sky Financial Education Program was established to provide a curriculum of training courses designed to provide novice to expert level real estate investment training. Developed and taught by industry leaders, these courses feature hands on exercises and case studies that allow you to learn while in a real-world environment.

Education is a key component

Courses are offered throughout the year at each of the Investor Levels. It is recommended that investors take each class in the curriculum as they progress from surviving to thriving in their investment journey.

02. Lead Generation

The Clear Sky Team is here to assist you with lead generation. As you progress through the CSF Education Program and gain valuable knowledge to identify distressed assets or wholesale assets, the CSF Team is here to assist you every step of the way. We offer a combination of education and counseling to turn your real estate analysis and research into real leads that actually yield financial results.

03. Wholesaling & Flipping

Wholesaling and Flipping are essential to any real estate investing. As a real estate Planner, you are busy fixing and flipping as well as wholesaling assets. As you identify these assets, remember that the CSF team is here to educate you on progressing to the next level of your real estate journey. We are also here to partner with you.

04. CSF Hard Money Lending

Hard money is what we do. The CSF Team is here to satisfy your real estate investment needs when it comes to financial deals. We offer competitive products and simple and flexible loan terms.

  • Fix & Flip
  • Buy & Hold
  • Renovation
  • Bridge Loans

05. Residual Income

Residual Income and multi-generational wealth is the ultimate goal of the Real Estate Thriver. The characteristics of a thriver are:

  • Established business owner or real-estate investor looking to grow residual income
  • Producing residual substantive income
  • Seeking to generate multi-generational wealth

The CSF Education Thriver level course curriculum is designed to educate real estate investors on what it takes to generate residual income that if properly managed will ultimately create multi-generational wealth.

The Roadmap to Wealth has been paved…

The five components to Roadmap to Wealth ecosystem if properly executed will take you from “Surviving to Thriving” in Real Estate Investing.